AGROMAČAJ s.r.o. is an agricultural company owned by the Mačaj family, which is farming on a land around a village of Kráľová pri Senci for already five generations. In 1991, Ing. Juraj Mačaj senior took the opportunity to withdraw the family owned land from a local agricultural cooperation and after 38 years he continued on 50 ha agricultural land in family tradition. The first company Ing. Juraj Macaj SHR – self-employed farmer was founded in 1991. In 1998 the company AGROMAČAJ s.r.o.  started to represent the family business and later  Ing. Marek Mačaj SHR joined the triangle in year 2004. All three companies are fully owned and run by the Mačaj family. The conditions on the market and the opportunities the market offered to our family made us to establish with our Czech partners a trading company in 2005 named BROP Slovakia s. r. o. and later in 2008 BROP Hungary Kft. One of our gratest success is the establishment of the sales company Zeleninárska spoločnosť, družstvo (cooperative). Within this company we managed to establish a cooperation with several companies growing potatoes and vegetable around Trnava and Senec. This enabled to increase the effectiveness of our production and trading.

Today we are farming on a property of 1 700 ha in the area of villages Kráľová pri Senci, Krmeš, Kostolná pri Dunaji, Malý Šúr, Hurbanova Ves, Nový Svet, Reca, Pusté Úľany. The main commodity that dominates our production is the potato. For the year 2011 we plan to grow about 500 ha of potatoes and because of this growing process we are looking for raising the acreage. Our effort is to achieve the smallest crop rotation which is 4 years. Very important role is played by the fact that we are trying to cooperate with the neighbours, that are very outcoming by sharing their property. Also following crops are planned  to be grown for the season of 2011: onions with 200 ha, seed corn with 100 ha, sugar beet with 100 ha, corn with 400 ha, wheat with 200 ha, peas with 80 ha, carrots with 30 ha, cabbage, parsley, turnip-cabbage, celery, red beet together 20 ha and other.

Main philosophy of our business is the direct contact to our costumer and if it is possible with products with the most added value. In the area of fresh potatoes and vegetables we deliver directly to supermarket chains, which are dominating the market with these products in all relevant markets. Costumers of supermarket chains in Slovakia, Hungary and also Czech Republic are in daily-contact with our products. In 2009 we extended our production. Besides the fresh vegetables we peel and cook the potatoes by preserving nutritive. Companies that are interested in these products are mainly restaurants and companies using potatoes to make semi-products like.

We always try to keep up with new trends in the area of planting, growing and processing  the production.  We have to improve the technology, growing processes, using new materials, searching new trading parners etc. We also are able to improve our production thanks to the european funds. Through them we could buy technology for cooling, processing, new storages to keep the quality of our products. Our hard work leads to customer satisfaction and thats our gratest reward.